Investor Warren Buffett Answers

Investor Warren Buffett Answers

Investor Warren Buffett Answers

Posting Date: 06-05-2024

The Bengali New Year, called Pohela Boishakh, is celebrated with joy by Bengali communities globally. It signifies the start of the Bengali calendar, with Boishakh being the first month. In Bengali, “Poila” or “Pohela” means “first,” while “Boishakh” represents the onset of spring. The festivities include wearing new clothes, visiting temples, and exchanging greetings and sweets.

The Importance of Bengali New Year

Pohela Boishakh is a significant occasion for Bengalis as it marks the beginning of a new financial year. Both men and women start their day by going to temples to seek blessings for a prosperous year ahead. Dressed in traditional clothes, they exchange greetings with loved ones and participate in the ritual of buying gold and silver items, symbolizing good luck.

How do People Celebrate the Bengali New Year?

On the eve of the Bengali New Year, people gather at temples like Kalighat, Dakshineswar, and Belur to pray. Families clean and decorate their homes in preparation for the celebration. Many start the day with a ritual bath in the Ganges or other sacred rivers at sunrise. Traditional clothing such as kurtas, pyjamas, and sarees are worn, and clothing stores offer special discounts during the 'Chaitra Sale.'

Bengali delicacies Festive Meal like chholar dal, radhaballavi, and fish and mutton curry are enjoyed, along with sweets such as kaju barfi, rasgulla, and roshomalai. Special cultural events showcasing Najrulgeeti, Rabindrasangeet, folk songs, and dance are organized in Bengal and other areas.

As we look forward to the Bengali New Year 2024 on April 15, let's embrace the joy, unity, and prosperity that characterize this special occasion. Whether it's praying at temples, wearing new clothes, enjoying traditional food, or joining cultural festivities, let's unite to celebrate the richness of Bengali culture and heritage. From sharing warm greetings of "Shubho Naboborsho" to savoring homemade dishes and spending time with loved ones, may this Pôhela Boishakh bring happiness, good luck, and success to everyone.